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Reasons why a one-way shipping container

onewaycontainers Reasons why a one-way shipping container

If faced with the need to acquire a shipping container for your personal or business use, you may be wondering what’s best: one-way shipping container or used? In many instances buying new or one-way, is a better decision. If you have the budget and it matchs your these needs then one-way shipping containers are the best option. 

Cost Benefits

Buying a shipping container may involve a bigger investment at the start, but this cost only at the time of purchase. 

If you hire a shipping container, monthly payments are required, this may be lower, but overtime the cost add up. Purchasing saves you from having to bother with repeated rental payments. 

If you need to hire a shipping container for more than 2 years, you should buy it outright instead as it becomes the better commercial decision.

Enduring value of one-way shipping containers

With a shipping container hire, there is no residual value that remains. At the end of the lease container agreement, you have to return the shipping container to our depot and end rental payments, If you bought the shipping container, you could sell it at the residual value. Because of construction, shipping containers can maintain their value even a decade after the initial purchase, with some also having a lifespan of 30 years.

It means that buying shipping containers can be a wise choice in the long run, depending on the market you could sell the used shipping container for a price close to your initial.

Shipping Container Options and Availability

When hiring shipping containers, you can be limited to the sizes possible to you. Shipping containers for sale, by contrast, are usually available in many sizes and with more options. For example, reefer shipping containers built with food-grade materials, flat rack and open-top containers are more comfortable to transport, and custom container sizes, including high cube and mini containers, can accommodate on different-sized properties.

Shipping Containers Modifications

The most significant benefits of buying a shipping container is that you can modify it in any way you choose. Whether those modifications are to improve security, increase functionality or to boost aesthetics, you can customise the container in any fashion. Typically, hire containers cannot be modified.

From the paint colour to any modifications you require, special orders can are possible when you buy one-trip. Want custom colours or business logos on it? No problem.

Ready to Use

In most cases, one-trip shipping containers are in Cargo Worthy condition at the time of purchase, which means they are already loaded and ready for transport. No repairs, maintenance or cleaning tasks are necessary. You will need to inquire whether or not you can get a survey before purchasing your container.

Corrosion Resistant

One-way shipping containers are all made with Corten anti-corrosive steel, corrugated panels and doors, able to resist corrosion. It means you get a longer lifespan out of your container.


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