New "one trip" shipping containers

New "One Trip" containers are the highest quality containers available.

They are known as new builds because they have only done one journey into the United Kingdom.

The containers come equipped with lock boxes for added security.

Cargo worthy shipping containers

Cargo worthy containers are the standard grade within the shipping industry. 

The main difference between cargo worthy and the new build is cosmetic; cargo worthy containers will show more signs of use while retaining its structural integrity.

WWT (Wind and Watertight)

The Wind and Watertight containers are the cheapest options available, the containers are waterproof but do show signs of heavy usage.

These containers can not be accepted by shipping companies for transportation but are ideal for storing goods on your premises

 All of these containers are built out using corten steel and have heavy duty plywood floors.

Nationwide Availability

Container Projects LLP distribute our equipment stocks across our UK depots network. Regardless of your location Container Projects will be able to meet your request while keeping transportation costs to a minimum. Allowing us passing on the savings without compromising on quality. 

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