About Containers

How long do shipping containers last?

New containers used for domestic storage use will last more than 20-25 years. Containers used for international shipping are retired after 8-12 years usage. After this, they are suitable for storage but not shipping unless repaired and recertified.

Will my container be waterproof?

Yes. All of our shipping containers are wind & watertight. However, small amounts of condensation can form when the interior temperature is lower than the outside temperature.

Can I purchase my hired container?

Yes. You can change from hiring to outright purchase; prices do fluctuate so the cost may be different from any quote at the time of hiring.

How and when do I pay for my container?

For a direct purchase, payment is required before delivery or collection. With container hire, we need the first month of rent plus delivery and collection charges.

Shipping my containers

What are shipping containers?

A shipping container is either a new build or cargo worthy graded container, suitable for international shipping.

How old is a shipping container?

The typical age of a shipping container is ten to fifteen years old.

Do you offer international shipping?

No, we don't offer international shipping, but we can recommend freight companies on our approved supplier's list.

Modifications & Security

How secure is a shipping container?

Shipping containers are secure, However for increased security is it possible best to fit a steel locking box, this covers a lock and makes it difficult to tamper with the lock.

What modifications do you do?

We make modifications to purchased containers. We can modify any shipping container. Typical changes are to doors (sliding doors, roll-up doors) or additional windows with extra security.

What happens if my container needs repairs?

Shipping containers are durable and need little maintenance; door hinges may require oiling every couple of years, & door seals will worsen over time, but they will last at least decade depending on the original grade purchased.

Delivering my container

How long for my container to be delivered?

We can arrange delivery within a few days, depending on the order and circumstances. If you require a hi-ab crane with delivery, it may take 1-2 extra days to organise.

How do you deliver a container?

Depending on your capability to unload the container, we would arrange delivery using either a flatbed or hiab delivery, flatbed haulage is the most cost-effective option.

What do I need to do before my container arrives?

Your container needs a firm and reasonably level surface; ideal surfaces are concrete, tarmac or stone paving. However, we can position on gravel or grass if the ground is not too soft. It is recommended to add additional support to the corners.

Can I stack my containers?

Yes, containers are designed to be stacked, but you need to make sure it is done safely with the right equipment. If you require your containers to be stacked, please discuss with us before arranging delivery.

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